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QMotion UK motorised shading system can also be used for projection screen purposes by adding an applicable fabric you can provide a wireless QMotion UK Projection screen into your home or office without the need for any power or control wiring.

The shades themselves have quiet motors and a unique manual override and yes they come with an encoded motor that automatically works out where the shades intermediate and aligned stop positions need to be placed. If the positioning not does not suit your client requirements no problem you can manually override these and set new custom positions to suit almost every requirement with out the need for any specialist programing at all.

Stand alone control options include a PC programmed timer remote function that allows the user up to six events per day. The user can therefore be assured that whilst they are away from their home the shades will continue to operate, providing glare and heat gain control whilst at the same time offering a level of privacy and security.

With unique inbuilt technology, the QMotion UK shade also provides a dual control feature that allows the user to operate the shade manually. By simply tugging the bottom bar you can lower the shade or send the shade back up to either its last pre-set position or to a fully raised position, bringing a new level of convenience to shade controls.

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