Cinema Rooms

A well-designed dedicated cinema room can offer a better movie watching experience than even your local multiplex. At Imperium we have many years of experience in designing a room to satisfy the most demanding of clients and specifications. Our video systems will deliver crystal clear picture quality using all the latest technology from 3D viewing to 4K projection, with 1080p High Definition being a basic standard. Equally important, our surround sound systems use the market leading brands to create a jaw dropping experience that has to be heard to be believed.


We can help with every aspect of the building of your dream cinema, from exclusive seating options, through full lighting design and install, to acoustic treatment of the room. We are equally at home managing the whole project, or working closely with your existing tradesmen to make your ideas come to life. With regular project updates you will always be kept aware of the progress of your installation, and we welcome your input at all stages so your expectations are always met.

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